We asked, "How has Treps Nest impacted your life?"

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Be Investable was awesome! A must for anyone who is or aspires to be an entrepreneur. No matter where you are in life, you will benefit from this program.

Jeffrey O.

I love the Be Investable 45-Day Entrepreneur Challenge! I work closely with entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs to help them communicate their vision with their stakeholders - employees, investors, customers, etc. -- to scale and grow their businesses. A shift in mindset from employee and even founder to entrepreneur and CEO is an essential step in the path to long-term entrepreneurial success. My clients can't articulate their vision effectively if they don't understand their business and the role they play as the leader of that business. I went through the challenge myself and it helped me step into my role as the CEO of my business and to better support my clients in making that shift for themselves. For me, it meant realizing my business was not an extension of me, but an entity all its own and that as the leader it was up to me to make decisions in its best interest to help it thrive. I have been recommending Be Investable to my clients -- it can do more to help them make that major mindset shift and in a shorter period of time than a month of one-on-one meetings ever could. Once the shift is made, it makes drawing the story or vision out easier, plus, it helps them own the mindset they need to share it with their stakeholders in a way that inspires and motivates.

Christine B.

I was hesitant in committing to the program at first but my desire to keep learning and the intrigue around the program moved me forward. What I learned through the program was invaluable in changing both my professional and personal life. The program helped me to look at things in myself and my life in a different way than I had in the past. I would recommend the Be Investable programs to both the seasoned business professionals and those just getting started.

I also want to share that I love the 365 program...it keeps me engaged and accountable for making change in my life every day!

Rosanne T.

Be Investable exploded my business this year. We are over 10x last year's sales. The two biggest reasons for the big increase are: Be Investable helped me identify habits to continually move my business forward and Be Investable helped me keep an eye on where my business is going so I could make decisions today supporting where I'll be tomorrow. I highly recommend Be Investable to help you overcome growth obstacles you probably don't know you have.

David S.

Be Investable has educated me that the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur has to do more then your savvyness with financial statements, your leadership skills, or even the the idea on its own...it really comes down to your mind set and your ability to break through these invisible hurdles and barriers that prevent you from exploring ideas and truly fulfilling your potential.

Be Investable does this by creating this habitual process in you that will alleviate you for success.

Sulaim N.

This summer I have had the opportunity to participate in the Be Investable programs. These programs became such an integral part of my day that it almost didn't feel right if I didn't start my day with the 365 program. I loved how the questions made you think and allowed for me to be more focused on my goals throughout the day. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to get on track to their dreams and turn those dreams into reality!

Taylor B.

Michael is a big-picture kind of guy who has an idea and stops at nothing to execute it. This idea I'm talking about is Be Investable. I've been through the 45 Day Program, and it helped me to realize that I can set aside 30 minutes per day to accomplish ANYTHING I want to accomplish. It sounds easy, but actually doing it is not, and that's why Be Investable was so helpful because it helped me create good habits to be the best freelancer/entrepreneur I can possibly be. He's also a pretty great guy, which only makes Be Investable better because actually cares (and shows it!) about your success.

Lindsey A.

After completing the Certified Entrepreneurs program, I am more focused, have better habits in all areas of my life and my belief in my talents and skills is stronger than ever. I also know that when I feel uncomfortable or uncertain, that signals change and it quickly turns to enthusiasm and excitement. The Daily Success Habits for Entrepreneurs helps me stay focused on my business goals without forgetting the other, just as important, aspects of my life. I highly recommend the programs for anyone interested in growing professionally and personally!

Ann Marie F.

As an entrepreneur, and now Certified Entrepreneur, I value the Daily Success program to keep me focused on habits that fit my identity.

Tonia R.