Investable Mastermind is a unique program designed to ensure you consistently move from intention to action in every area of your life, turning your visions and goals into reality. Investable Mastermind uses cutting edge knowledge and web-based technology to help you stay focused and take consistent actions towards your visions.

The foundation of Investable Mastermind is intelligent accountability created from your Investable Mastermind Advisor, your focused daily activities, accountability points and your Investable Mastermind team - people like you, who have made it through a 45 Day Challenge and are committed to their new identity. Just like a healthy and balanced diet, Investable Mastermind offers the highest level of mental, emotional, behavioral nutrition to create and maintain a healthy and productive identity in the key categories of life.

Investable Mastermind is an on-going program based on a monthly subscription of $500 per month. Participation is based on your discretion. You may opt out of the program at any time. There are no refunds.

Steps to Investable Mastermind Membership


Successfully graduate from the 45 Day Challenge Entrepreneur program


Be nominated by your advisor to be invited to a Investable Mastermind team


Complete the application to become a member of Investable Mastermind


Understand and accept the vision, mission and creed of the Investable Mastermind team

Mastermind in growth is a dedication, pursuit and daily practice of empowerment fundamentals and principles as you reach goals and set new ones in every area of your life. It requires you to embrace the power of vulnerability, purpose and intention as you align who you are with what you desire.


Investable Mastermind is an on-going guided coaching system with monthly and weekly training videos from certified Investable Mastermind Trainers and various theme experts and authors from all over.

You will join monthly conference calls with your certified Investable Mastermind Advisor. And, you will be a part of a small Entrepreneurs Team of like-minded individuals, who have proven they are ready for the next level, just as you are.

Mastermind in growth requires leverage, accountability, training, stamina, coaching, embracing set-backs, being intentional and recognizing the subtleties in your efforts. It takes being a connoisseur of the small incremental step as well as taking risks.

Investable Mastermind is designed around leverage and intelligent accountability. We were born to learn, grow and thrive and we need leverage and accountability to do so.

Leverage requires accountability, and something we call intelligent accountability. In Investable Mastermind you will experience intelligent accountability on a variety of levels with yourself:

  • Being accountable to your true self, not your habits
  • Being accountable to your desire
  • Being accountable to your future identity
  • Being accountable to a supportive emotional state
Powerful people fall when they are not accountable to someone or something.
Rod Hairston

You will also experience intelligent accountability on your Investable Mastermind Team as you dive deeper, plan and execute at a higher level than you ever have before.

A Entrepreneurs Team is a highly effective group of individuals who join forces to leverage the teachings of the program and intelligently hold each other accountable to their goals.

Your Entrepreneurs Team will work together, both with a partner and with your small team, to support each other in your Investable Mastermind journey.

  • You'll learn how to leverage and effectively hold each other accountable. Holding someone accountable forces you to be more accountable to yourself.
  • You'll learn how to lead and follow properly.
  • You'll learn how the styles of creating leverage and accountability will support you with your family and relationships.

You and your Entrepreneurs Team provide the combined power of all of your experience, knowledge, resources, network, and ideas to help each person with their individual goals. You will encourage, support, empower, and hold each other accountable to setting goals, developing strategy, building action plans, and consistently executing those plans to achieve your goals.

Learn and grow each month with theme leading experts who have extraordinary wisdom and mindset in all areas of life.

  • Legal experts to provide foundation, guidance and protection around your business relationships, transactions and ideas
  • Accounting and Financial experts to help create systems and processes for building financial success and wealth
  • Business Development professionals to assist with marketing, promotions and social media to create growth for your business revenues
  • Culture experts to assist in building an amazing environment and fulfillment in the workplace
  • Consultants to assist with various Business Strategy around operations for your entrepreneurial organization

The process is designed to expand your identity as you plan and execute your goals at a higher level. These applications vary between thinking, writing, reflecting, rehearsing, focusing, listening, communicating, and taking action in a specified measure towards your goals.

You will have your own secure user profile to record, save, and print your entries online. You have the ability to see your Entrepreneurs Team's vision and goals each month and show yours. You can complete these applications online from home, work, or travel.

Each one leads to the next as you realize more confidence to coach yourself through any obstacle or opportunity in your life, and the ability to coach others to that same success, whether in your family or in your profession.

Each month will focus on one specific theme from the categories below. Once you've completed each theme in 6 months, you will graduate to the next level in each theme.


    Concentration on building an extraordinary psychology, more growth, building inner strength to create certainty for ourselves and those around us. Influence Yourself, Influence Your World.



Investable Mastermind is an on-going program based on a monthly subscription of $500 per month. Participation is based on your discretion. You may opt out of the program at any time. There are no refunds.