We want to showcase and reward you for personal and professional growth within the community.

Treps Nest is now offering every member the ability to earn points for activities and actions they perform within our community. Each action you make has a positive point value associated to it. Every point you earn in the Nest, programs, and certifications reflect a positive movement towards your entrepreneurial growth.

The amount of points you've earned reflect you success as an entrepreneur. As you gather more points you will grow as an individual within the community and will be recognized with badges and other perks. Keep earning points and stay tuned for more ways to earn them and stand out in our community. Points have the ability to earn you profile badges and opportunity for limited special promotions and offers.

Points main purposes are...

  • To promote/reward consistent daily activity
  • To reward our members for performing social networking within the community
  • To allow our members to earn access to our certification programs
  • To showcase/reward personal & professional growth within the community