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With limited resources, it can be difficult to get all the knowledge necessary around legal, finance, fundraising, marketing and sales. Daily we have office hours with subject matter experts from around the country providing insight and value to you and your team
Many obstacles and Challenges face entrepreneurs in their journey Our complimentary coaching call is the first step in overcoming the deception that comes with being an entrepreneur
Valuable content that will help you grow as an entrepreneur The Trep Talk...the Treps Nest content library
Identification of your current entrepreneurial style and a personalized plan to move you towards your ideal style Entrepreneur Style Assessment and the customized coaching plan generated as a result Coming soon...
The training to create growth and success Online Virtual Programs and Training (see the "Treps Programs" link in the main menu)
Every entrepreneur needs a vision for where they want to go. Members unlock access to our Vision Board tool
Connect and network with like minded people, groups and companies across the country and world-wide to expand your network Member-to-member messaging, Member searches, Member contact / friend lists