Entrepreneurial Mindset Success Strategy Session

Oct 07, 2016 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (EST)

The goal of this event is to assist entrepreneurs in understanding where they currently are from a mindset perspective and areas for growth and improvement to create success in their entrepreneurial journey.

Each attendee for this event will have the ability to take the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP)™ prior to the online meeting hosted over Webex. During the Webex, we will take entrepreneurs through the EMP Feedback Report which contains the results from 14 discrete scales in the areas of personality and skills.

Join our founder for this amazing event available to a limited number of entrepreneurs. . The EMP* is the most efficient and practical way to assess where the entrepreneur is currently and where they need to be for optimal growth & performance.

Having this "entrepreneurial mindset" is essential to sustaining growth and success.

How it works

With each ticket purchased, attendee will receive a link to take the assessment prior to the webinar (approximately 10 minutes). After completing the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive Feedback Report and have time to review it prior to the webinar. During the webinar we will review the Feedback Report and create a customized Entrepreneurial Success Strategy.

What is EMP?

The EMP was developed by the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) at Eckerd College. LDI has been a Network Associate of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) since 1981 and has delivered internationally acclaimed programs to thousands of local, national and international clients.

Learn more about it here: http://thetreptalk.com/2016/08/28/entrepreneurial-mindset-profile/